Vanbon 10ton single double girder overhead bridge crane with remote control from manufacture directly for sale ON Sepetember

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b'Kh\xc3\xa1m ph\xc3\xa1 \xc4\x91i\xe1\xbb\x81u khi\xe1\xbb\x83n t\xe1\xbb\xab xa c\xe1\xba\xa7u c\xe1\xba\xa7n c\xe1\xba\xa9u b\xc3\xa1n h\xc3\xa0ng 10ton tuy\xe1\xbb\x87t v\xe1\xbb\x9di t\xe1\xba\xa1i v\xc3\xa0 t\xe1\xba\xadn h\xc6\xb0\xe1\xbb\x9fng nh\xe1\xbb\xafng \xc6\xb0u \xc4\x91\xc3\xa3i kh\xc3\xb4ng th\xe1\xbb\x83 t\xe1\xbb\x91t h\xc6\xa1n. \xc4\x91i\xe1\xbb\x81u khi\xe1\xbb\x83n t\xe1\xbb\xab xa c\xe1\xba\xa7u c\xe1\xba\xa7n c\xe1\xba\xa9u b\xc3\xa1n h\xc3\xa0ng 10ton s\xe1\xba\xafp x\xe1\xba\xbfp h\xe1\xbb\xa3p l\xc3\xbd c\xc3\xa1c t\xc3\xa1c v\xe1\xbb\xa5 c\xc3\xb4ng \xe1\xbb\x87 \xe1\xbb\x9b \xe1\xba\xa3 \xc4\x83 \xe1\xbb\x8b \xe1\xba\xa3 \xc4\x91\xc3\xa1 \xe1\xba\xa1.'

LX Single Girder Suspension Overhead Bridge Crane|Overhead ...

b'Designed and made according to JB/T 2603 Electric Single Girder Underrunning Crane. The matched electric hoists have CD1 model, MD1 model, etc. The light small lifting equipment with running way. , , . , ,,.'

LDP Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane|Overhead Bridge ...

b'LDP model motor driven single beam crane is designed and produced according to GB/T 3811-2008\xe3\x80\x81JB/T 1306-2008 standard and used with model CD1 \xe3\x80\x81MD1. it is a light duty crane with rated load of 3~10 , 7.~22.. 6~.'

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b'CE/SGS 3t 5t 10t 15t Remote Control Travel Workshop Eot Single Double Girder Beam Overhead Bridge Crane with Electric Hoist Lifting Equipment. ... China Electric Remote Control Single Girder Overhead Eot'

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b'AQ-LD type single girder bridge crane is the most common type used for light duty lifting operations with capacity in a range of 1 ton to 20 ton. This type of overhead crane can be widely used in various , , , . : 7.5~31..'

Small Overhead Crane - Single Girder Crane/ Underhung Crane

b'Lifting height: 6-30m. Lifting speed: 0.3-8m/min. Hoist running speed: 20m/min. Crane running speed: 20m/min. Work duty: A3, A4. Contact Us. Contact us for AICRANE overhead crane! Small crane has types'