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b'The trolley frame is used for supporting and installing the lifting mechanism and trolley travelling mechanism, it is usually welded structure. The crane with truss shape has many advantages, it is light weight and less affected by wind. Truss Type AQ-MH Gantry Crane Without Cantilever. Lifting Capacity:3-26t. Span: 12-30m. Lifting Height: 6-18m.'

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b'Truss crane mainly refers to truss gantry crane which use truss structure, welded from shaped-steel, divided into two working-level mid-level and light-level system according to the busy degree of use. Truss gantry crane is mainly used in factories, open area between fixed cross, construction and installation , , ...'

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b'Truss type double girder gantry crane is applied to port, the freight yard and windy areas. The crane adopts truss-type welded structure result to small wind-ward side. The wind pressure is less than 125Pa. And the crane adopts closed air conditioning house with linkage platform control, so it has the advantages of broad vision, flexible ...'

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b'Truss gantry crane, as one type of lifting machinery equipment, adapts to be used in the places where exist strong wind.It is widely required by the customers who come from coastal areas. Truss crane in our group is of light dead weight, small loading capacity, and strong wind-resistant ability.'

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b'Double girder gantry crane is a bridge type crane in which the bridge frame is supported on the ground track through the legs at both ends. It is mainly composed of the gantry frame (main beams, end beam, legs, lower beam, trolley running track and cab.), hoist trolley, crane running mechanism and \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'2. AQ-BMG type double girder gantry crane: as its name suggests, this kind of crane has two legs compared with AQ-MG type gantry crane, and the other end of the crane needs other structure support.The semi double girder crane can also adopt box type or truss type according to needs. The truss type structure can reduce wind resistance when the crane is used on outdoor occasions \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Our company designs overhead gantries with reasonable structure, and produces various types to meet customers\xe2\x80\x99 needs. All gantry cranes have top quality and safety protection devices. Truss Type AQ-MG Double Girder Gantry Crane With Cantilever. Lifting Capacity: 5-200t. Span: 18-35m. Lifting Height: 6-18m. Lifting Speed: 3.5-12.5m/mim.'

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b'Crane girder mainly use box-type structure and truss structure, while the box-type structure crane girder is the most widely used. Overhead crane usually used box-type structure girder. The box crane girder consists of upper and lower cover plates and two vertical cover plates, which are closed box-shaped .'