Lhb Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist Double Beam Girder Bridge Overhead Crane with electric trolley

BCD Explosion-proof Electric Hoist - Dongqi Crane

b'Explosion proof electric hoist can be hanged on I beam rail, explosion proof single girder or double girder, or other fixed support for material handling, etc. Advantages of explosion proof electric hoist.'

Double Beam Overhead Crane - Steel Mill Cranes

b'AQ-QD Double Girder Overhead Crane. The structure of AQ-QD double-beam hook bridge crane is mainly composed of main beams, end beam, bridge running mechanism, trolley and trolley running mechanism, , . , , , .'

Double Girder Bridge Crane - European Standard Overhead Crane

b'The double girder bridge crane is designed and constructed in conformity with European FEM standard, and the overall technical level has reached the international advanced level. The steel structure of double'

Hoist Overhead Crane | Electric Hoist Bridge Cranes | Aicrane

b'AQ-LD single girder crane: this crane is a sort of light duty overhead crane that uses CD, MD electric hoist. The hoist runs on the bottom flange of the bridge. The lifting capacity is 1-25t, span 7.5-31.5m, , . , , , .'

What is the Cost of an Overhead Crane System?

b'Aug 16, 2017 \xc2\xb7 The complexity of the overhead crane components required to operate the crane, the engineering required to design the crane, and the application (industry or materials being lifted) will'

China Manufacturer LHB Explosion-proof Double-girder Crane ...

b'LHB Model Explosion Proof Double Girder Overhead Cranes,3-20/5t,BCD/HB anti-explosion hoist,Exd IIBT4,Exd II CT4. Specifications: Electric Double Girder Explosion proof Overhead Hoist Crane. 1.anti-explosion 2. . 3.'

QB Double Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Bridge Crane ...

b'OVERVIEW. Mainly consists of bridge structure, lifting mechanism, crane traveling mechanism, electric equipment etc. Explosion-proof performance of all motors and electrical equipments of QB type'

LHB Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist Bridge Crane real-time ...

b'Product Description: This crane adapts to the environment in factory that have explosive gas formed by inflammable gas \xe3\x80\x81 steam and air of which explosion proof grade is less than B grade or C grade and ignition group is more than T4(135 \xe2\x84\x83)group. And the explosion proof electric hoist adapts to \xe2\x80\xa6'