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b"Electric Wire Rope Hoist Category: Electric hoist and Trolley. Application: Electric hoist is a light and small lifting equipment, can be installation single and double beam bridge cranes, gantry crane, jib crane and it's used in the factory, mines, ports, warehouses, yard, workshops etc, essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions."

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b'The AS 7 wire rope: STAHL Crane Systems. The AS7 series is designed in two variants for the upper lifting capacity range to 125,000 kg. It is designed for a safe working load range from 20,000 kg to 32,000 kg. Therefore, it closes the gap between efficient use of the SH wire rope hoist programme and the AS7 wire rope hoist programme.'

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b'Specifications. BCD BMD Explosion proof wire rope electric hoist it\xc2\xb4s small-sized lifting equipment, which can be mounted on single beam bridge crane, gantry crane and jib cranes. With slight modification, it could also be used as a winch. The explosion proof class is ExDIIBT4 and ExDIICT4, it is mainly used in dangerous places where explosive ...'

Explosion-proof Wire Rope Electric Hoist - Weihua Group

b'BCD BMD Explosion proof wire rope electric hoist applies to such an environment as the temperature is between 20\xe2\x84\x83 below zero and 40\xe2\x84\x83 above zero, the wetness is no higher than 85%, the elevation is below 1000m. The applicable power source is 3ph, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 380 v~660v.'

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b'The wire rope hoists can be used in stationary applications or together with trolleys in standard cranes, off-standard cranes or systems building. If wanted, the complete wire rope hoist programme is also available in explosion-proof design for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 or Zone 22.'

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b'Adopted various new technologies including inverter control braking energy recovery and safety monitory system. NWH Wire Rope Electric Hoist provides you with better logistics solution, assured reliability and safety for operation. The lifting capacity of Novocranes\xe2\x80\x99 NWH series Wire Rope Electrical Hoist \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Advantages of Single Girder European Overhead Crane with Hoist. The advantages of a crane with a high quality wire rope electric hoist are as follows:. working level makes the crane last longer and work more efficiently. The lifting speed and the running speed of the trolley increase the handling efficiency.'

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b'The ST Ex chain hoist programme is based on the modular ST chain hoist programme. The safe working load range for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 is from 250 kg to 6,300 kg, and from 125 kg to 6,300 kg for use in Zone 22. All components are made by us and add their part to full high-quality explosion protection. ...'