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b'Jan 22, 2021 \xc2\xb7 EOT crane stands for electric overhead traveling crane. This is the most commonly used crane for lifting and shifting heavy loads. These cranes are electrically powered and operated by a control pendant, radio/IR remote pendant, or an operator cabin attached with the crane itself. These cranes have the capacity to lift both heavy and light weights.'

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b'Installation of a 75 / 20t lifting capacity bridge crane, 7 jib cranes with 2 and 3t and a 2 x 80t gantry crane at the SIDERAR plant, in San Nicol\xc3\xa1s, province of Buenos Aires. 60 / 20t lifting capacity bridge crane at the Gestamp facility'

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b'Other eot crane types such as explosion proof crane, foundry crane and European standard overhead crane are available for your particular requirements. Metallurgy Bridge Crane. Metallurgy single girder crane eot parameters: Lifting Capacity: 0.5~10t. Span Length: 7.5~28.5m. Lifting Height: 6~20m. Lifting Speed: 7~8m/min.'

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b'Henan Zhuida Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a material handling manufacturer. Our main products are gantry cranes, jib cranes, overhead cranes, eot cranes, electric hoists, electric winches, scissor lifts, freight elevators and related accessories. Welcome to send us your inquiry about your crane project, our professionals will be your problem solver.'

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b'Types of Overhead Bridge Cranes. Tri-State Overhead Crane is your go-to source for all types of electric overhead traveling cranes (EOT crane) or ceiling mounted bridge cranes including: Single girder crane: A single beam that runs above or below the runway/end trucks. Double girder crane: Consists of 2 bridge beams on top of the runway/end trucks.'

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b'Belongs to the small and light 5 ton bridge crane material lifting machine, AQ-CD1, AQ-MD1 type wire rope electric hoist can find so many application. On the one hand, this kind of hoist can be equipped on the single girder 2 ton overhead crane for sale, gantry and jib crane as one part.'

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b'Double girder bridge crane with two hoists of 12.5t lifting capacity for Ternium in Mexico. Two bridge cranes installed, one with a hoist of 50 t lifting capacity, and the other with 20t for customer Melter in Mexico. Overhead Crane with GHA 12 3,2t lifting capacity hoist installed in Nantes.'

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b'Underslung EOT crane; Underhung design is typically found in single girder bridge crane. Suspended from building roof structure, it can only lift up to 10 tons. The suspension crane differs from top running overhead crane in that it runs on the bottom flange of runway beam. This type of crane can be used when your building height is ...'