25T low temperature resistant box type double beam hook gantry crane

MH Single-girder Gantry Crane

b"Both high and low temperature resistance, insulation, ensure the crane's safe travel. ... Crane width S1 850 850 850 850 Hook left limitation S2 1300 1300 1300 1300 Left cantilever L1 3000 4000 5000 6000 3000 4000 5000 6000 ("

YZ-Double Girder Overhead Crane

b'The beam body is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel, high strength, high temperature resistance; The hook body is spliced by steel plate, and the rivet is pressed by the forged hammer, stronger and safer than the traditional welding rivet; while the hook body can be free to rotate'

Overhead and gantry cranes - Metal Spaggiari

b'The Spaggiari overhead and gantry crane are used by those who need robust machines and are suitable for intensive and safe handling of large loads. They are therefore usable in the various industries of industrial production, without forgetting the most basic applications in the artisan sector. For this reason, , .'

QDY/YZ Series Double Girder Ladle Overhead Crane-Henan ...

b'Its gantry hook is mainly used for lifting and transporting tundish, hot metal tank and ladle of various steel plants. The beam body is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel with high strength and high temperature resistance. The hook body is spliced and riveted by \xe2\x80\xa6'

Double Girder Overhead Crane Manufacturer - Weihua Crane

b'The Double Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist is traveling on fixed support. The frame adopts box-type welding mechanism, and it used together with CD1/MD1 or HC/HM model electric hoist as a complete set, It is a mid-duty class crane, the capacity is from 3 tons to 20 tons. The span is 10.5-31.5m.The lifting height is 6~18 meters.'

Overhead Bridge Crane Kits | Crane Packages

b'Overhead Bridge Crane Kits \xe2\x80\x93 1 Ton to 100 Ton Capacity Manufactured and Distributed by TSOC. QX Crane Packages are, pre-engineered, components with cutting edge technology. These kits consist of manual single girder cranes and motorized double girder cranes. American made crane kits that offer a .'

Henan Crane Co., Ltd. - Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane

b'7.Gold supplier for Military. 8.No.1 port crane experts Henan Crane Co., Ltd has been founded i and is a well-known crane manufacturer in China. We have been producing equipments for over 55 years and have fixed asset of RMB286,000,000. There are over 3000 employees in our company, with over 480 senior .'

Top Running Overhead Crane - Overhead Crane of Aicrane

b'AQ-QD double girder hook overhead crane. 1. AQ-QD hook crane is mainly used in various indoor workshops. According to the different grades and load states, it can be divided into working levels: A4-A7. 2. The entrance of the cab platform is divided into three types: side \xe2\x80\xa6'